Paneer Chilly

Friday, June 29, 2018

Paneer Chilly

While the chicken dish above is mostly a hit, the same cannot be said about this paneer dish. The paneer, which is central to the dish, is quite rubbery and chewy. Once the foundation of the dish isn’t good, the rest of it quickly falls apart around it. The gravy and spices are well done but don’t hold up to scrutiny on their own. There’s a strong garlic flavor (so, vampires, stay away from this one) and the vegetables are well soaked in it. Once again though, rubbery paneer!

Did you know that 100 grams of tandoori paneer is approximately 90 calories! Whoever said diet food is tasteless must have not remembered to eat paneer. A dish high on protein and calcium that is not only delicious but also keeps you full for longer is great for weight loss

It is also known by the name chenna in parts of India. In India, paneer, a fresh cheese, is usually made from cow or buffalo milk. Unlike other cheeses the making of paneer requires no animal products, such as rennet, for coagulation.

100 gms of paneer made from cow's milk provides 18.3gms of protein, 20.8gms of fat, 2.6gms of minerals, 1.2gms of carbohydrates, 265 kcal of energy, 208 mgs of calcium, 138 mg of phosphorous. it contains reasonably good amounts of fat and cholesterol.


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